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In her international bestsellers, princess and princess sultanas daughters, jean sasson vividly depicted the harsh restrictions endured by saudi women. The forced marriage of sultanas niece to a cruel and depraved older man, and. Buy a cheap copy of princess sultanas circle book by jean sasson. Think of a saudi arabian princess and what do you see. Books by jean p sasson authors like jean p sasson what should i read next. If you think jean sasson s princess books are an expose on saudi arabias womens downtrodden life, you have to read the latest princess book. Ive loved jean sasson and princess sultana and her family for many years. Having been close friends with princess sultana of the royal family, sasson decided to write this book. Being an avid reader since her childhood, jean sasson travelled to saudi arabia to work in the king faisal specialist hospital in riyadh as an administrative coordinator of medical affairs. The story of the princess sheikha latifa bint mohammed. These books described the lives of women who live in a society where they have few rights, little control over their own lives or bodies, and no choice but to endure the atrocities perpetrated. The nook book ebook of the the complete princess trilogy. Jean sasson books list of books by author jean sasson.

Her next three books, princess, princess sultanas daughters, and princess sultanas circle. If you like jean sassons princess christchurch city. For thousands of years, women in saudi arabia has earned no respect, given no identity as if invisible, and were treated like sexual objects. I dont like the alcohol issue being presented as a problem that could be cured with self control within a months time. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia by jean p. Sultana is a saudi arabian princess, a woman born to fabulous, uncountable wealth. In 1985, she met princess sultana, who inspired the widely acclaimed princess trilogy.

This is somewhat of a followup to jean sasson s first book the rape of kuwait. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia edition 1. Hidden behind her black veil, she is a prisoner, jailed by her father, her husband, and her country. The stories of the middle east are often told but by who. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia written by jean sasson. Princess sultana, mayada alaskari and jean sasson youtube. Jean sasson grew up in a small town in americas deep south before moving to the middle east in 1978 to work at a prestigious royal hospital in riyadh, saudi arabia. Buy a cheap copy of princess trilogy book by jean sasson. It is called the phony princess, and exposes the very author of the princess books as a hoax author. Books similar to princess sultanas circle goodreads. For the first time, the international bestselling princess books are available in a boxed set. Princess princess series and over 8 million other books are available for amazon.

That the book has been written from a royals perspective, which has largely narrowed down the difficulties being faced by the commoners. Taliban like laws, including total segregation of women and men, and the wearing of the total hijab. The first book in this nonfiction trilogy describes the true life of princess sultana, a princess in the royal house of saudi arabia where she lives in a gilded cage with no freedom and no. Eager to see the world outside her tiny southern town of 800 people, jean jumped at the opportunity to travel and work abroadspecifically at the king faisal specialist hospital and research centre in riyadh, saudi arabia. As second generation members of the royal family who have benefited from saudi oil wealth, maha and amani have been surrounded by untold opulence and luxury since the day they were born. Books similar to princess sultanas daughters goodreads. Readers of princess were gripped by jean sassons powerful indictment of womens lives behind the veil. True stories about women surviving in various different cultures. Africa asia afghanistanpakistan middle east others. You have never read a story like sultanas, and you will never forget her or her.

But it really gave me a window into what women are treated like in some countries. The complete princess trilogy for the first time, the new york times bestselling princess books are available in one ebook. Like princess, the titles and covers beckon readers with a promised foray into. The author on what the fourth book in the series is all about, why the lady keeps her identity secret, and his plans for the future. Now, more than twentyfive years later, this compelling journey continues as we follow the fortunes and the dazzling life of the princess, her friends and her family. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia, and princess sultanas daughters, and more on. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia reading sultanas story was painful. Sultana reveals her life as told to her friend jean sasson. The princess trilogy consists of princess, a true story. In later books sasson also writes about sultanas daughters and her social.

Find books like princess sultanas circle princess trilogy from the worlds largest. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Isbn 0857522426 transworld doubleday uk publisher august 28, 2014 princess, more tears to cry is the fourth in the princess sultana series about the worlds most beloved saudi princess, princess sultana. Noone would believe these stories unless they were told from an insider, like here. In the compelling second novel of the princess series, jean sasson and princess sultana turn the spotlight on sultanas two teenage daughters, maha and amani. With unprecedented access and exclusive family photographs, jean sasson, author of the bestselling princess, presents the story that we were never meant to hear.

There are only a few places where you can purchase cheap books in dubai. One of my favourite places is house of prose, a secondhand bookstore, where i bought princess a book that you can see in every bookstore around the city. Princess describes the life of princess sultana al saud, a princess in the royal house of saudi arabia. Sultana seems like a very narrowminded lady and i did not like her characterization.

The true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia, princess alsaud and the acclaimed author jean sasson began a remarkable series of books. Like the rest of the books it is an incredible insight into the world of extreme money and of extreme unhappiness of muslim women being poor or rich. An avid reader from an early age, she had read all the books in her school library by the time she was 15 years old. See all books authored by jean sasson, including princess. Find authors like jean sasson from the worlds largest community of readers. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arab paperback january 1, 2010. Nothing makes me happier than buying books for low prices. It all began with princess, called absolutely riveting.

Now, in her work as a journalist, she writes stories that expose the. Jean sasson has 25 books on goodreads with 124948 ratings. And specially with women like princess sultana, mayada, jean sasson and many more to come, all this is possible. Jean later worked as freelance writer in lebanon and kuwait, conducting interviews with kuwaitis who survived the first gulf war, as well as high. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia from the worlds.

One afghan womans quest for her stolen child jean sasson ebook. The complete princess trilogy by jean sasson booksamillion. Born in troy, alabama and growing up in louisville, alabama, jean sasson found adventure between the pages of her favorite books. Jean sasson author of fourteen books, most of which were. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia jean p. Buy princess princess series book online at low prices. It looks like her 21 years of writing hoaxes are finally up. Jean sasson s book princess on the life events of a saudi princess gives great insights on the lives of saudi women in the 90s. She has no freedom, no vote, no control over her own life, no value but as a bearer of sons. In princess, more tears to cry, princess sultana reveals the intimate struggles of saudi women inside one of the richest, most conservative kingdoms in the world. You must know me only as sultana, for i cannot reveal my true name for fear that harm will come to me and my family for what i am about to tell you.

A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arab. A true story of life behind the veil in saudi arabia from the worlds largest community of readers. She has four mansions on three continents, her own private jet, glittering. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The young sasson was working as an administrator in saudi arabia.

Buy the princess trilogy boxset by jean sasson isbn. For the first time, the new york times bestselling princess books are. To a large extent, the book holds true to the lives of saudi women at the time such as a lack of proper education, forced marriages, and honor killings. With princess sultanas circle, the extraordinary story of princess sultana continues. Buy princess princess series new ed by sasson, jean isbn. In her book princess, jean sasson conveys through the princess sultanas story of the many abuses of women in saudi arabia. Authors similar to jean sasson goodreads share book.

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