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However, practice and experience will ease the frustration. Arterial blood gas abg interpretation is something many medical students find difficult to grasp weve been there. Arterial blood gases made easy pdf download free ebooks. Interpreting abgs arterial blood gases made easy ausmed. As it is unable to combine with oxygen and it also decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to remember how to decipher these important lab results. Woodruff, msn, rnbc, cns, cmsrn, cen 6 easy steps to. In the modern medical practice, the multitasking health providers time. Abg interpretation a guide to understanding abgs geeky. The key to making sense of arterial blood gases is to use a structured approach. Arterial blood gas analysis is a common investigation in emergency departments and intensive care units for monitoring patients with acute respiratory failure. Once youve mastered this technique, youll be doing actual abg interpretation. Each hemoglobin molecule contains four atoms of iron and therefore can combine with four molecules of oxygen.

It is important to understand the physiological principles underpinning blood gas analysis, so these will be outlined briefly before exploring some practice issues for patients undergoing arterial blood gas sampling. An arterial blood gas abg test measures oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your blood. The interpretation is often easy, however, correlating the same with the infants status can. Analysis of blood gases is widely used for patients with many different conditions from surgical, medical and intensive care fields. This tictactoe technique involves a few charts to help you visualize abgs. As pao2 increases, more oxygen diffuses into the red blood cells, where it combines with hemoglobin to form oxyhemoglobin. Abgs made easy arterial blood gas interpretation in 10. Samples from the pulmonary artery are however, more accurate and can only be performed. Understanding acidbase balance and interpreting arterial blood gas results can. Mistakes in arterial blood gas abg interpretation are common in clinical practice.

Download arterial blood gases made easy pdf book free from arterial blood gases made easy pdf. But it is often encountered that many students dont know how to read abg, and thats why we are providing arterial blood gas. I have explained the steps of abg interpretation with the help of some good examples. Making sense of arterial blood gases nursing times. This is a video on abg arterial blood gas interpretation. Arterial blood gasses, or abgs, may be among the most complex and confusing parts of nursing practice. Knowledge of the basic science behind the subject is essential. It also measures your bodys acidbase ph level, which is usually in balance when youre healthy.

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