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While they may look cute and cuddly, they typically arent. Sugar gliders are an exotic wild animal and they require an exotic diet that can get complicated. Sugar gliders are terrible family pets in the sense that theyre not like a cat or dog and interact with everybody. Sugar gliders complete pet owners manual a book with a lot of great. As a matter of fact, gliders are not lowmaintenance pets, such as gerbils or hamsters. Sugar gliders, sugar bears, honey gliders, sugar babies whatever you call them, petaurus breviceps makes an excellent pet. I have owned my sugar gliders for ten years hopefully ill have them at least 5 or more. Sugar gliders dont need to chew on objects to keep their teeth ground down and have much longer lifespan than pets in the rodent family, like gerbils, hamsters and ferrets. Im 14 and new to owning sugar gliders i have two and im sure im doing most things right, except that i cant figure out why my youngest sugar glider, skittles, is so mean. May 30, 20 i have owned my sugar gliders for ten years hopefully ill have them at least 5 or more. Oct 03, 2016 sugar gliders are cute, very cute, and they are very entertaining. With all the contradictory information out there, this book cuts through all the confusion and gives the most uptodate information on sugar glider care. You can spend time with a sugar glider at the pet store, a rescue or at the house of a sugar gliders owner.

Sugar gliders book for care, feeding, diet, health and costs. Metabolic bone disease due to inappropriate nutrition, injuries from getting stuck and gliding, diarrhea from eating too much fruit, and parasites are all commonly seen in pet sugar gliders. Sugar gliders are available from shelters, breeders, and pet stores across the country. They require specialist care, a lot of space, and do not make good pets for beginners or children.

Sugar gliders can make a wonderful companion for the right person, but others should avoid keeping a sugar glider as a pet. Heres why you should never buy sugar gliders as pets peta. I know thats a bold promise and it might sound a little over the top but its true, and i can back up every word. Their diets must be prepared at home as sugar glider diets in stores come as a dry kibble, and gliders can very easily choke on it as they suck. This often leads to frustrated keepers and rejected reptiles, which is bad. Captive sugar gliders, however, have been bred with a variety of fur colors and patterns. Apr 28, 2016 sugar gliders are very social animals and dont do well alone.

Introduction with their small size, lovable personality, and low maintenance requirements, sugar gliders are highly regarded as one of the newest and most popular household pets in the united states. Everything you need to know about sugar gliders texvetpets. If you wish to have a cuddly glider, be sure to adopt one that has been extensively handled and well socialized. Owning a sugar glider is a bad decision and one that will not end well. If you would like to own a sugar glider, plan on having more than one. They physically resemble a flying squirreltype creature. Sugar gliders are considered exotic animals and over the last few years have become popular pets in the us. Sugar gliders are small marsupials that make great pets in the proper environment. Most of the common health problems that continue reading. Among the most notorious companies contributing to this problem is pocket pets, which targets impulse buyers by peddling sugar gliders in mall kiosks all over the u. They are marsupials, in the same general family as a kangaroo or a koala bear. Sugar gliders are a popular exotic pet due to their small size and cute appearance. So in addition to the nectar and sap, they also consume fruit, insects, and even small birds or rodents.

This book will serve as a definitive guide to properly inform yourself about all aspects of the sugar glider. The complete sugar glider care guide provides reliable information from sugar glider owners on how to keep your sugar glider happy and healthy. But sugar gliders are omnivorous, meaning they eat plants and animals. Nov 23, 20 the glider name comes from the web of skin that stretches between the sugar glider s limbs, allowing the sugar glider to escape from predators by gliding through the air like a paper airplane to get from tree to tree. That is another advantage they have over pets in the rodent, canine and feline families. However, more so than most pets, you really need to do your research before. They are expensive to purchase and even more money to keep. Diet sugar gliders require a captive diet that is not simply bought like a dog or cat. This book takes an indepth look at a sugar gliders diet, ideal environment, and daily care. The following are examples of extruded sugar glider foods. The first thing you should ascertain when speaking to a seller or breeder is whether the business itself is legitimate.

A lot of time was spent researching with books, the internet, and message boards. There are a few factors that are crucial to ensuring good health. As such, they are proven to have several distinct advantages over other household pets such as hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, squirrels, etc for example, when cared for properly, their lifespan is typically 1215 years similar to many dogs or cats. Sugar gliders are extremely active and very social animals and do not like to live alone. They cannot survive on dry and or pellet type foods.

There is a lot of bad information out there, and it can be detrimental to your sugar gliders health if you follow the wrong advice. As with a dog or cat, your sugar glider needs attention and stimulation. For example, what to do if your sugar glider bites. See more ideas about gliders, sugar glider toys and sugar bears. The first issue to consider is whether or not a sugar glider fits well into your lifestyle and expectations. Dirty secrets about sugar glider foods exotic nutrition. Sugar gliders and other pets tropical attititude pets. Jun 08, 2018 sugar gliders are bad pets why not to buy a sugar glider. In general, sugar gliders are not good pets for kids. More than likely you either do not clean it enough or you have a bad diet for your sugar glider.

Sugar gliders have fairly strict dietary requirements. Oct 15, 2011 what sugar glider toys should i avoid in the cage. May 24, 20 sugar gliders and other pets one of the biggest fears of new, or wouldbe owners of sugar gliders is the worry that their dog or cat or other pets will kill their baby sugar gliders. Awardwinning original fiction for learners of english. See more ideas about gliders, cute animals and animals beautiful. They also have roughly the same intelligence as a dog, in that when trained properly they can learn their name, come when theyre. Sugar glider book advice from experienced sugar glider owners. Dec 22, 2017 wildtype or classic sugar gliders have gray fur with a black dorsal stripe and a white under belly. The notsosweet reality of the sugar glider pet trade. Having sugar gliders as pets is a serious responsibility that should not be taken lightly. The smallest acceptable habitat size for a sugar glider is 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 3 feet.

Also any toys that could potentially be dangerous should be left out. Many people think that just because a sugar glider is a tiny creature that they can keep it in a cage that people use for hamsters or gerbils. Cute funny animals, cute baby animals, animals and pets, sugar glider baby, sugar gliders, baby animal drawings, funny cats and dogs. After being contacted by peta, more than 1,300 retail locations nationwide now prohibit the sale of sugar gliders, including the largest mall owner in the u. Another thing that makes this book different is that i compiled the most reliable information from many different experienced sugar glider owners. Whenever i feed my sugar gliders, skittles starts crabbing and biting my other sugar glider if she gets close to her. However, a sugar glider must have room to keep itself busy and move around freely. Sugar gliders are great pets, but they not easy pets on a scale of 1 to 10 a 9. Whether they make good or, bad pets will depend on what you want from the pet. Sugar gliders the complete guide to sugar glider care. Many veterinarians are not knowledgeable about sugar gliders.

Putting a glider on a good diet doesnt mean it can reverse damage that has already been done. Unfortunately, theyre actually pretty bad, and you should think twice before adopting one. The sugar glider care guide provides reliable information from sugar glider owners on how to keep your sugar glider happy and healthy. To sum this all up, coati are not good pets for most people. Keeping and caring for sugar gliders as pets the spruce pets. An untamed glider requires lots of time and patience. Songs for thanksgiving life challenges, fall harvest, good times, pop culture, reflection. For pet sugar gliders, variations of the homemade bml diet are very popular. Sugar gliders can be rather expensive to purchase but also to keep. If youre looking for an exotic animal to replace your cat or a dog, then youll feel overwhelmed by the needs of a sugar glider and the vast difference in care. Sugar gliders are a popular exotic pet due in part to their small size and cute, yet unusual, appearance. If you just want to keep them alive, not really, but if you want sugar gliders to have a rich and fulfilling life, they require more work.

They live for up to 15 years, so they require and deserve a much greater level of commitment. Pocket pets nations leading source for sugar glider. Because they are exotic animals, caring for them is not as easy as it would be to care for a dog or cat. In the wild, a sugar glider s diet includes nectar and sap from trees.

Sugar gliders make great pets when owners take the time to understand the needs of these playful marsupials. It is ultimately important to us that our gliders become part of good homes and you should be quite certain that you want to be owned by a sugar glider before making the. Sugar gliders are exotic pets and have more complicated needs than your average small pet, such as a guinea pig. It would only be advisable for kids to get a sugar glider if they have a responsible parent who is willing to take on the major responsibilities of owning a glider. Of course this is a legitimate fear and should be considered in your decision. In the wild, a sugar gliders diet includes nectar and sap from trees. Or, check out the index by topic of sugar glider newsletters. Issues with keeping lizards as pets reptile habitat, reptile cage, reptile room.

However, more so than most pets, you really need to do your research before committing to owning a sugar glider. Nor are they good pets for everyone during all points of life. Theyre not good pets for kids and are very highmaintenance, demanding creatures. Begin public service sugar glider announcement while sugar gliders are great pets, cute, entertaining, people thinking about getting one or two need to be aware of what they are.

Stanley tuccis bookshelf is too messy, says celebrity book curator. Not all sugar glider sellers and breeders are honest and legitimate, so you be prepared to ask questions when youre ready to buy your very first sugar glider. May 16, 2016 ferrets vs sugar gliders which pet takes the cake. Sugar gliders are omnivorous, so in addition to the nectar and sap, they will also eat both plant material and meat including fruit, insects, and even small birds or rodents. When a sugar glider is fed a proper diet, they have no odor. Much of the information they have was acquired from old journals, books, articles, owners and outdated websites started by wellintentioned people. They live a long time and take as much care and money as a dog or cat. The complete guide to sugar glider care this system is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know about sugar gliders and how they should be housed, fed and groomed. Jul 03, 20 the benefits of having sugar gliders as pets 2.

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