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From rok kitchen tools in the united kingdom comes this handson, manual coffee grinder. After a very successful indiegogo campaign production models are now available to everyone. From a design point, i prefer the counter top design of the rok, but oe has a great track record and is known for grind quality. My perspective is well and truly a beginners perspective. The rok espresso maker is probably better known by its previous name, the presso. Or, feel free to send us a video suggestion via email. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide.

Weve found that just as with the rok espresso maker, this coffee grinder provides you with more than just great coffee this hands on experience connects you with the coffee thats ahead. With precision settings, the rok coffee grinder is perfect for all types of coffee from french to turkish and the double bearing drive shaft ensures theres no wobble for consistent coffee particle size. Running your coffee as fresh as possible and with a quality burr grinder happens to be the most effective and simplest way to improve what eventually lands in your cup. If youd like to purchase one for yourself, you can find i. You probably cant buy a better grinder at this price. Intro the rok coffee grinder is a very good grinder with a few quirks. It bears a similarity in appearance with the rok espresso maker.

It has been totally retooled with 100% new parts and with the metal having 35% more tensile. Now, 6 months in i am very happy with the grind and am making the best coffee i have ever made. This is particularly true when users want coarse grinds for french press, chemex, or cold brew. Due to popular demand, the folks from rok have also given the. Rok coffee grinder whole latte love support library. The grind setting can be adjusted with the calibration wheel, and the grinding mechanism utilizes 48mm stainless steel conical burrs. So im looking at the new oe lido e or the new rok grinder. Espresso unplugged is a rok espresso maker distributor and reseller in the usa, canada, australia and new zealand. Read our coffee grinding guide to see more about the difference between a burr coffee grinder and blade grinder and why burr grinders are better. This coffee grinder features precision settings and a double bearing drive shaft to ensure consistent coffee grounds, no matter what type of coffee youre working with. Five things to know before buying a coffee grinder video.

In our view the rok coffee grinder is the best nonelectric coffee grinder available. The arm of the grind is only meant to turn in the clockwise direction. The metal alloy has 35% higher tensile strength apparently some. Taken with an edgertronic high speed video camera, video is 23. Rok coffee espresso makers coffee grinders borough kitchen. Coffee grinder music and live dj sets the coffee grinder jax. The rok espresso maker is the latest version of the awardwinning espresso maker formerly known as presso.

Rok coffee grinder intensifies flavor for espresso aficionados all images courtesy of therefore design. Rok coffee grinder, complete with steel burrs, handle, hopper, gears and base. Preground coffee brewed at home can taste cheap or bland and brews from major chains are overpriced. Rok coffee grindertroubleshooting whole latte love. If you are left handed simply turning the grinder around will not work, and will cause the grinder arm to unthread itself. The rok grinder settings are easy to use and can be varied in two wayseither you can use 12 click settings on the adjustment wheel, or you can switch to the rok grinders infinitely variable adjustment and experiment with ultrafine grind settings.

We can assist you with the lowest price, best service, full warranty and support. This rok kitchen tools coffee grinder is constructed in aluminum, a vertical crank on the side, and a calibration wheel that is built to adjust the coffee grinders settings. The rok coffee grinder is a revolutionary grinder that is easy and fun to use, and produces top quality grounds beauty. Most manual burr grinders on the market offer little consistency from grindtogrind. Machine which were manufactured later come with this burr key already installed. As ive mentioned just now, like all manual coffee grinders, the rok espresso coffee grinder is great for those who want to get the full barista experience, and grind their own coffee beans at home.

I have the rok grinder and used to have their espresso maker. This simple, yet practical espresso maker is not only a nice design piece, but. Finally got to try it this morning to make a v60 pourover. A stainless steel frother, a coffee scooptamper and a storage tin to transport the unitaccessories. In contrast to electronic grinding machines, the rok grinder convinces with a noiseless function, a highquality steel grinder and even coffee powder for a wide variety of coffee machines and beverages such. After more than 10 years of development, here is the new rok coffee grinder.

Everything required to run the grinder is in the zip file labelled grinderversion. I use this to make primarily aeropress coffee which i grind to espresso fineness or french press coarse coffee which the grinder does fairly well with. Coffee grinder spare parts espresso machine company. If the arm is turned counterclockwise it will unthread itself and fall off. The rok coffee grinder is a testament to modern design, which, for better or worse, makes this product just about as unique as they come. Hario ceramic coffee grinder instructions how to use, adjust the grind setting and clean duration. With the ability to switch between infinite or set adjustments, you can get the exact grounds you want for all of the types of coffee you love. I made okay espresso with the porlex, much better with the rok grinder, and the best with the lido et. An earlier version of the rok coffee grinder used a different burr key, so new burr keys were supplied when these machines shipped out.

The rok, formally presso, was designed by one of the uks leading product innovators, theres over 10 years of knowhow built into every rok. Coffee grinders coffee bean grinders alternative brewing. Whatever type you have, theres a setting that will be right for. Our rok coffee grinder is the perfect partner to any coffee machine. The source code is also available the grinder 3 is distributed as two zip files which you should expand using unzip, winzip or similar. The remaining files that are needed to build the grinder are. Our library of free online videos cover topics from frequently asked questions to do it yourself tutorials for a range of coffee and espresso related equipment and techniques. Check out the revolutionary rok coffee grinder on indiegogo. We love that the rok is a nonelectric, handson, creative solution to making great espresso, without the waste and expense of capsules and pods. The rok manual coffee grinder has been constructed from aluminium, it has a vertical crank arm on the side, and if youre a lefty the base can be adjusted to allow for left handed folks. Come join us for night of fun and excitement while jacksonvilles local djs spin a.

Good coffee starts with good beans freshly ground with the rok coffee grinder you can now enjoy your coffee to the full from coarse to fine 12 steps. Buy a bottomlessnaked portafilter from espresso unplugged. Learn how easy it is to make an espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte on the rok manual espresso maker. Go green with roks nonelectric, handson coffee grinder in aluminum. Rok coffee grinder intensifies flavor for espresso aficionados. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the enter key is pressed. While it has no connection to the functionality of the grinder, there is absolutely no doubt that this baby is beautiful. If youve got a caffeinated question, weve got the answers. A bad grinder will give you bad espresso, regardless of how you pull it. I live in singapore, and received my rok grinder a couple of days ago. Made from durable diecast aluminum, this grinder uses a set of 48mm stainless steel conical burrs to produce grounds on par with more expensive electric grinders. The rok grinder uses 48mm stainless steel conical burrs and designed to reduce wobble that causes inconsistent grinds with its double bearing shaft design.

If you want to do it right, a burr coffee grinder would be much better than a blade type. Uniform grounds featuring 48mm steel conical burrs to. And at the end of the day, im looking for the best grind. So dont see this is the only thing you need to buy. Coffee grinders are great products for those wanting to take their coffee taste buds to the next level they provide their consumers with a freshly ground fine or coarse substance straight from the coffee beans themselves and ready to chuck in the coffee machine. Made possible by a dedicated community of crowd funders from indiegogo, the rok coffee grinder is a revolutionary manual grinder for all forms of coffee preparation. Rocket espresso macinatore fausto grinder seattle coffee. Everything i hear is that a good grinder is the place to start. As you pour your beans in the hopper and start to wind the handle, let the rich aromas of freshly ground coffee fill. Yes handground has a triple mounted axle that prevents the inner burr from wobbling. I dialed it open 1 full rotation and cranked the arm, watching the. Rok grinder coffee machines, espresso machines, coffee.

We stock a huge range of spare parts for coffee grinders. Most recently, the brand has improved the maker with a glass composite water chamber for maximum performance. With a small manufacturing adjustment, this can be one of the very best grinders at. Unboxing new rok grinder gc part 1 close up view manual coffee grinder details vs old version duration. If you want a weightbased or timebased mechanism for dosing, than the rocky unfortunately will let you down.

Hello, im new to this subreddit and looking to get in to espresso on the entry hobby level. Fixed with a long handle, stable base, and selflubricating properties, the rok coffee grinder makes this. A good quality stainless steel tamper is highly recommended. Create a consistent grind by stabilizing the axle that the inner burr is mounted on. Made possible by a dedicated community of fundraisers on indiegogo, the rok coffee grinder is a manual burr coffee grinder that is suitable for all forms of coffee brewing. How to make coffee drinks on the rok espresso maker youtube. Its my only hand grinder so i cant compare it to another, but its significantly better than the electric spice grinder i was using and looks great in the kitchen.

View and buy our range of coffee grinder parts online or instore. The video below shows how to install the new burr key. I had never made a coffee beforenot even the instant. Its operated with an on off switch, with no autoshutoff. A great companion to the rok espresso maker, its also the perfect partner for any coffee maker that uses freshly ground coffee. Burr coffee grinders use rotating burrs to grind coffee in consistent grains, enhancing coffee flavour and creating a better coffee brew than blade grinders. The rok coffee grinder gc also includes a bamboo cup that can be used to measure whole coffee beans, catch ground coffee, and tamp the coffee bed of the rok espresso maker. F rom relaxing trance to energetic breaks, you can find it all at the coffee grinder.

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